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Is yoga really for every body?

Of course, it is!

New Orleans is officially in Mardi Gras mode which consists of exorbitant amounts of king cakes, crawfish boils, and lots of parties. Last weekend the Chewbacchus Krewe rolled through the Marigny and two of my closest college friends came to visit. We had an amazing time costuming, watching the parades, and eating all the things.

I just officially started my business called Accessible Yoga Practices which is an online adaptive yoga platform. I became a licensed physical therapist assistant in August 2022. Since then I started working part-time at Split Second Fitness, an adaptive gym for people living with neurological conditions and disabilities. Working here has opened my eyes, and my imagination, to making yoga accessible for all beings, regardless of physical limitations. I want this business to reflect that idea and share these concepts with others who are interested.

Accessible Yoga Practices is a style of adaptive yoga designed for people who need a variety of asana options in their practice that are accessible to them. We are here to help you find creative solutions to staying consistent with your asana practice even when nursing an injury or managing a long-standing condition.

For my wheelchair-using friends, yoga possibly feels like a far-away reach, but I’m here to tell you that it is within reach and can be done independently or with a caregiver and it has loads of benefits. From relaxation, to improved flexibility, and increased strength, yoga can truly benefit anyone who puts their mind to it. Once you learn a few basic postures, you can figure out ways to customize the practice so it feels good in your body. If you’re healing from an injury, I want to help you find ways to continue moving your body intelligently. Here’s a list of services that are available and coming soon.

  • Private Yoga Sessions - get clear on ways to modify yoga practices to your body

  • At your home, In-studio at Swan River, or Virtually

  • Wheelchair accessible private room available Fridays and Saturdays

  • Sliding scale price options

  • Public Class: Saturday morning at SR 11am - 12pm

  • There is a flight of stairs to get up to the studio

  • Freebie: Hour long course on Adaptive Yoga

  • How to sequence a yoga class for people recovering from an injury

  • Coming next month :)

Follow me on Instagram at for more information on Adaptive Yoga and let me know if there’s anything I can help you with in the meantime! See you on the mat.

Rooting for you,

Caroline Hughes

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