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Do you have a disability or injury and want to learn how to practice adaptive yoga? Sign up for our
F R E E Adaptive Yoga Guide which covers...

- wheelchair inclusive yoga postures
- breathing practices and meditations
- how to use yoga props effectively 
- 10 common poses & modifications in
sitting, standing, or lying down


Blue Water

Accessible Yoga Practices

Adaptive yoga classes, courses, and retreats that are accessible for wheelchair users.

We believe that yoga is for everyone who's open to the practice.

Adaptive yoga is for all of us.


About Us + Testimonials

Yoga can be an integral part to our recovery.  

The benefits of adaptive yoga are: 
Improved mindset, decreased muscle tightness, increased flexibility, increased joint range of motion, improved lymphatic movement, increased body awareness, improved balance, and an increase in strength.

"Caroline showed me how to perform simple tasks emphasizing the correct alignment and approach and before I knew it, I was making tremendous progress. I have become stronger and more flexible. I am so sold on the benefits of her personal instruction. I am at a point now, the more I do, the more I want to do." - Toddy W.

"After your yoga class I noticed my heart rate was at 66 bpm during savasana and the breathing practice. That's the lowest it's been in months." Terry P.

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Caroline Hughes, PTA, RYT

Founder of Accessible Yoga Practices

Caroline is a licensed physical therapist assistant, yoga teacher, thai yoga therapist, and dog mom.
She teaches adaptive yoga in the New Orleans area and online. Caroline mostly teaches yoga to people with neurological conditions and has been teaching adaptive yoga since 2019.

She enjoys playing music, singing, going on adventures, surfing, swimming,
eating delicious food, and learning about all things physical therapy, anatomy, and yoga. 

She has completed trainings in physical therapy, yoga, thai yoga therapy, restorative yoga, yoga therapy, adaptive yoga, and personal training. She has practiced yoga since 2007 and loves to share the healing benefits of movement and meditation with others. 
She believes that yoga truly is for anybody that's open to exploring it.

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